Installing air quality products

My daughter is a creature of bad habits. One of those habits is the tendency to wake up during the night craving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Don’t ask. I’m creepy, I know. Just last week I had one of these cravings. I got up to make a sandwich, and was met by cold air something I wasn’t ready for. It had gotten chilly inside the house, so I decided to change the thermostat to   improve my air quality. Hot air started blowing through the ductwork, but it wouldn’t stop. The air quality soon was to hot! I got back up and readjusted the thermostat, but the air quality was too cold. I decided that the heating and cooling system must have a HVAC system malfunction. I couldn’t call an HVAC technician until the morning, so I made myself another sandwich and wrapped up in two blankets. By this time the thermostat wasn’t working. There wasn’t any air circulation pumping out of the ductwork. Morning came and I called our local HVAC professional. He came out quickly and began to inspect the heating and cooling system. He soon found the heating and cooling system problems. My thermostat needed to be replaced. The HVAC technician brought a thermostat with him. It didn’t take long to replace it, and the quality of air was back to normal. Now I needed to work on my midnight snack issues!

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