Installing a central heating system

My girlfriend and I bought a house in the country. I instantly fell in love with the location. It is a quaint farmhouse that is surrounded by acres of farmland. I have a picturesque view of a grape vineyard and corn fields.  There is a large pond out back. The house has a wraparound porch, a stone patio, and walls of windows. I was getting antsy thinking about opening those windows and feeling the breeze on my skin. I could drink my coffee on the porch or patio and watch the sun come up. We bought clothesline for the laundry, some cute patio furniture, and a barbecue grill. My neighbor started putting up fencing around a lot of their property.  I was curious but I really couldn’t have cared why all the fences.  We awoke one morning to hear sheep on the neighbor’s property.  Sheep are so adorable, but the smell is horrific.  The clothes can’t go on the line.  I can’t sit on my patio, or open windows. My whole house smells of wet wool and sheep dung.  There really isn’t a need for air conditioning, but we found ourselves installing a HVAC unit so we could keep our windows tightly shut and block out the aroma of sheep.  The air conditioning kept the house cool and it also circulated the air.  We still had the horrible scent of sheep and had to go further and purchase an air purification system for the HVAC.  At least now, the house is livable, but I can’t go outside.  We may even be house hunting again.

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