Information about the hotel

My daughters and I planned a big shopping weekend. We were interested in dresses for her wedding. She booked a motel room prior to arriving, grabbed her sister, and we were ready to get a girls weekend in. When we walked in the room, my nose wrinkled with offense. There was a horrible smell of mold within the air. My daughter came in with the luggage, and almost choked on the  foul smell. We called the supervisor and he came up. After smelling the environment, he quickly moved us all to another room, in another area. This bedroom smelled good, but it was sort of chilly. We turned on the heating/air conditioning unit. It was adjusted to give us some heat. We had already taken our holiday shoes off and were getting ready to start shopping. I had the bed closest to the  HVAC unit. I stepped around and additionally felt the rug squish underneath my feet. There was quite a bit of water leaking from underneath the heating unit. Once again, we called for the manager. He came upstairs and noticed the floor. He questioned if we had spilled something and then immediately saw the steady stream coming from under the unit. He made available another room, but we had already packed and were prepared to go somewhere else. The manager was nice enough to call ahead personally and get us a room inside of a sister hotel. We walked into the room at the new hotel and looked over the floors and the heating/air conditioning item. My daughter insisted they explore the unit before they left her and me there. After half an hour, we declared the heating system just fine, and headed out to the shopping spree.

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