Increasing our energy bill

Occasionally having a housemate can be a honestly great thing. It can be a great thing because then you can cut some of your bills in half. They pay half of the rent for example, however for another instance dealing with a housemate can be a challenging thing. For an example I have some worries about our housemate constantly building up Energy bill each month. She constantly prefers to switch on the air conditioning up undoubtedly high. I constantly turn it back down but she never lets me know. So every time I pass the control device I make sure to check what temperature the thermostat is set to. I do this to ensure that she did not turn the control device back up without informing me. I understand that both of us split the energy bill but I would like to pay a tad less funding than both of us are now, however our house is perfectly nice at the temperature at which I place it. She goes to the extreme as well as makes the house either tropical or honestly cold. It is not undoubtedly comfortable for me to stay in at those hot as well as frigid temperatures. I wish I could have the control device connected to our smartPC. Then I could be in control of the device at all times. I could even check it when I am not home. Then I would know positively if she were turning the control device up or down while I am away. It would really help me to keep an eye on the monthly bills that both of us pay each month a lot more. One day she might stop messing with the thermostat..

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