I’m way too hot to start cooking

Mom and Dad invited us over for a BBQ, last Sunday.  We all agreed and arranged to bring different things so mom didn’t have as much to do.  It Dad’s and my son’s birthday, so we planned a double celebration.   The middle of June normally brings some pretty warm days, but we never guessed that it was going to be the hottest summer in over ten years.   Mom and Dad have a great HVAC system, but Dad said he was going to BBQ and a little heat wasn’t going to stop him.  He had the smoker on, and the ribs were placed on the grates. I made a salad and brought along a huge watermelon, and the air conditioner, in the car, was blasting on high.  The kids were whining because it was going to be too hot outside to sit and eat at Grandpa’s.  I gently explained that they were going to go and keep their mouths shut because we didn’t see Grandpa and Grandma that often.  It was unbelievable how warm it felt outside, especially with the smoker on.  Dad was sweating over the grill, and refused to give up on the ribs.  Mom refused to go out with and said that she bought an air conditioner to use, and she was eating inside.  My brother talked Dad into coming inside and sit by the air conditioner,when the ribs were done cooking, and we set up the tables, picnic style.  We played games, and talked a lot about when we were young and we laughed a lot.  We may not have been able to outside, but everyone had a great time, thanks to the air conditioning.

air conditioner