I’m way too hot to cook

For their anniversary, my parents planned a cookout, and invited the entire family.  We were all going to bring something to eat, so mom didn’t have as much to do.  It was the middle of July and by 10AM it was already a scorcher.  We had no idea that it was also going to be a record breaker.  Dad had bought a new smoker that he every intention of trying out, regardless of how hot it was.  Mom had her air conditioning inside, and had no intention of leaving it for the sweltering outside.  Dad already had the ribs on the smoker grill when we all started to arrive.  I had made a large salad and the kids had cut up a watermelon.  The air conditioning was on high as we drove to my parents home.  The kids were already complaining because dad had made it quite clear that there was no way, he was going to have a cookout inside.  I told them they needed to can it because they didn’t get to see their Grandparents very often.   Mom was inside with the air conditioning and dad was standing over the grill when we arrived.  My brother was able to convince him to come inside and sit near the AC, once the ribs were done, and my sister and I helped Mom set up the dining area, like it was a picnic table.  It was like old times, with games and stories.  The kids were sitting on the floor, and we could pretend that it was a spring day thanks to the AC.  Even though it wasn’t the cookout dad wanted, it was still a great family day.

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