I’m way to chilly

I went on a very special vacation a few months ago. It had been much too long since I had traveled. I needed it badly. For this journey, I decided to go to a nice, warm tropical climate. It was such an amazing time! The only bad part was coming home afterwards. My HVAC system had been acting up just before I left, so I know I would be returning to terrible air quality. I arrived home, and soon noticed freezing cold air pushing through the vents. I immediately called an HVAC technician because I had zero patience to mess around with the heating and cooling system on my own. I couldn’t do it. So, the HVAC technician soon arrived and he started by fixing the thermostat. There was a small short in the circuit and he fixed it rather quickly. Next,he moved to the air conditioner and the ductwork. There was some massive blockage in the ductwork and he had to remove it so the air conditioning could flow properly. It took him quite a long time, but he was eventually able to clear the blockage from the air conditioning and ductwork .The air quality was soon back to normal. I thanked the HVAC technician and he even gave me some energy saving tips. They would sure come in handy, because my HVAC bills had been tremendous! I paid the HVAC technician for all the fine work he did repairing the air conditioner, ductwork, and thermostat. Hopefully, I wouldn’t need any more HVAC repairs for a very long time!