I’m very happy about this furnace

I just love to hunt. When I was just a little kid my dad would take me hunting. I had the camo gear and would only wash in unscented body soaps to make sure I did not scare away the game. I loved it so much that I got my hunting license and continued to go as often as I could as an adult. I hunt all types of animals. I mainly track down deer and coyote. But it can be just as common place for me to find fox, squirrel, and rabbits. My father and I have to try a bear hunt soon. We want to head up north to do this type of hunt. We are already pretty north, but the bears are further. I did some research on it and it sounds like an ideal trip. You pay a bear guide  to lead you into the best areas to track the bears. They instruct you on strategies to calling bears and assist in shooting the bear. Also the area has cabins to be able to stay in. They are traditional log cabin style rooms with heating. My father and I are preparing for sharing a cabin during our stay. The cabins were a really nice surprise. I sort of imagined my dad and I in a outdoor tent. I knew it would come to be freezing cold and I intended on bringing a portable heat tank. I was willing to freeze in order to catch a bear. But now, I can be heated correctly at night and at dawn have a bear. That sounds like an ideal trip for most people. It is amazing how something as small as a heater in a cabin tends to make my day.

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