I’m so glad I have a gym in here

My son wanted us to buy him a membership to the local gym so he could do a few workouts a week. The local fitness center wanted $45.00 each month, plus an additional $50.00 to sign up. I thought that sounded way too pricey, even though my son said he would try to make the payments on his own with his savings. My son can’t work right now because he needs to focus on school and graduating. So, after talking it over with my husband, we agreed to let my son turn the garage into a place to workout, even though it doesn’t have an air conditioner to help keep it cool. We all looked for fitness equipment online, until we found some fantastic deals. We were able to get a treadmill, an elliptical and a full set of free weights. We surprised our son with the gifts, and then we immediately set it all up. We helped clean out the garage area, and noticed how hot it got inside the garage without a proper cooling system. Surprisingly, my son never complained about the A/C, however I found him a nice fan from the attic. Our son has been using the garage for the past two summer months, and hasn’t complained even once about the heat as well as humidity. I have been in there a few times and I think it’s too hot without an A/C. My partner as well as I decided to go to the hardware store today to buy a portable A/C component for the garage and give it to my son for his birthday.

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