I’m quite thrilled

I finally got to go to the local racetrack.  It wasn’t quite as thrilling as I had thought it would be.  I love to watch it on the television, with all of the instant replay so you can see what happened where the camera wasn’t pointed.  I thought that by going to the racetrack, it would be much more thrilling.  You would hear the hubbub plus inhale the dust in the air.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  It was almost 91 degrees when both of us arrived at the track.  We entered into an air conditioned building plus bought the racing booklet that told you all about the participants.  I couldn’t figure out why so many multiple people were resting around tables, seeing the televisions.  I was soon to find out.  We got outside, plus I couldn’t see the board with the race numbers.  The heat, beneath the awnings, was unbearable, plus I wanted to be inside.  I walked back in, plus I thankfully found an empty seat.  The air conditioning was humming, plus in spite of the amount of people inside, it was still seriously cool.  I almost wished I had a sweater.  I sat there in the air conditioning, forgetting about the people I was with.  Above the hum of the a/c, I heard someone shout, “There she is.”.  I looked around to see the people I was with, coming toward me.  I could see the relief as they felt the air conditioned air.  Their joy matched mine.  If I hadn’t already paid to be here, I would be home in my air conditioned basement.  We were all resting inside, seeing the race on the television.

air conditioner