I’m not sure about this heater

Some people think I am crazy, but I truly enjoy the winter time. I adore wearing warm sweaters, drinking hot chocolate and sitting within range of the fireplace. I also enjoy outdoor activities like playing in the snow, sledding and snowboarding. Although my warm-blooded parents might disagree, it is possible to stay warm in the winter by bundling up with more clothes and having a functioning HVAC system in the home. In the summer, opposite isn’t possible! Despite this, I do have my moments with the winter where I feel cold and heating is a must have amenity! In fact, I completely appreciate escaping the cold to warm up inside a well-heated home. There’s nothing like it, feeling your cold hands and feet warm up by putting them close to a heating vent in the home. I used to do this all the time! When I could spend time watching movies inside our well-heated basement recreation room, it was a common winter season noise to hear the furnace turning on/off several times by the end to a movie. Although it was an existing HVAC system and eventually replaced by our town’s popular heating provider, my fond memories of winter are somehow linked with how our house was appropriately warmed so well on those frosty winter days. Thank goodness for the superb HVAC provider! If it was not for their heating know-how, we would have been without properly working heating system! My parents were very frugal using expenses, but they did not spare their money when it pertained to our HVAC system. They made sure every year that it was in proper working order, even calling our technician to service our heating system when they could not really manage it on their own. I was very lucky to find the best of both worlds-my love to do winter activities and yet escaping the frigid cold in a heated home.

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