I’m happy that I have an air conditioner

I spent most of my day on a train for work today. Where we live, it is really popular outside. It is the middle of summer, and temperatures here are over 100 degrees every single day from now until October. A lot of people can not handle the idea, the few of us who have been born and raised here are used to this crazy heat. However, it does get pretty terrific being outside, and I will need to wear sunscreen every day since otherwise I get roasted in existence. But today, the heat was outrageous for some reason. Because of this, I was actually really content to be on the train. The trains where I live provide a work heating and cooling system, and that A/C was blasting today. I can not describe the feeling of becoming onto an air conditioning train after difficult walk through the glaring sun and heat for a few minutes. I left my air conditioned house this morning and by the time I got to the train station, I actually was drenched in sweat. Feeling that cold air conditioning hit me as i took my seat was fantastic, it cooled me right out of. I can not imagine living somewhere where the public transportation doesn’t need an efficient HVAC system setup. It doesn’t really get cold throughout winter, but I swear if it did, I think taking the train would be awful too. Because I am in the south, I would rather get hot than cold any working day, but today, I was so willing to have that air conditioning!

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