I’m happy about this air cleaner

I just now overheard an advertisement on the air from my HVAC provider. It is trying to drum up new clients. I told him I would give set him up with a good recommendation if he ever needed a reference for his becoming  an HVAC contractor. His is a licensed HVAC servicer and he does a truly great job. I had my ex boyfriend replace my entire HVAC system not too long ago. I upgraded to a tiny split heating and air conditioning system. My HVAC contractor had to situate refrigeration tubing all throughout my townhouse and he fixed it fast and with few problems. Now I don’t have air ducts inside my attic roof anymore, so I am glad for that. I, also, won’t have to call a guy out every year to wash out my air ducts monthly. I feel certain that will make the quality of air in my townhome better. The air ducts used to gather a great deal of dust and it got blown about my home. I was thinking of having an air cleaner installed in my house but more than that I have a mini  HVAC system I won’t need to mess with that. The only thing I don’t like concerning mini split system is that it had to be equipped with refrigeration tubing on the lateral side walls of my house. So, with any luck, it’s a small price to pay when fooling with my surroundings ducts anymore. I can’t wait for summer to get here and can now see how comfortable my townhouse will be with my new air conditioner. I think I will save plenty on my bills now.

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