I’m happy about this

The two of us work in one of the most annoying factories ever. The two of us are always glad when our shift is over, because that means getting to leave this crazy Factory in which the two of us work. Today’s shift was extremely difficult, because it was very cold in side of the factory. When my work shift was completed, the two of us easily spent numerous hours scraping all of the ice from our car windows. We experienced one of the first winter seasonal storms, as well as it happened to come on a crummy afternoon. Both of us commuted home, hoping to bask in the heat of our heating system at home. The heating system in the car worked great, as well as it help to thaw out our Frozen bones. My friend as well as myself happen to have a car with heated seats, in addition to the fact that that helps a whole lot. When the two of us were only a couple of minutes away from our home, the two of us started to notice no power in the neighborhood. None of the houses had any type of lights on, as well as the two of us knew what that meant. We often have trouble in our home with the gas furnace functioning, because some of the power lines can freeze and snap in two. Our gas furnace as well as Radiator was not functioning at all, as well as it took several hours before the power could be restored in our place once again.

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