I’m happy about our HEPA filters

Being a cross country runner, I have quite a few routines and workouts that are rather unique. I have learned a lot of different techniques from other runners, but this happens to be a very personal sport, and I’ve found it best to not look into what other people do. I’ve got to keep my body and my mind in peak shape, and I need the very best cardiovascular endurance possible. This doesn’t just mean exercising within a certain kind of way, but entire lifestyle choices that guide how I live even when I’m not going through training. One of the first major purchases I decided to make as I got serious about cross country running was a fresh model HVAC system with all the latest features. I was not interested only in temperature regulation inside of my dwelling, which was certainly important to me, but also in the elements that only complete climate regulation could give me. With this new HVAC system I could program specific temperature settings per individual room, and control these rooms remotely with the use of my phone. Most importantly, it let me regulate the amount of humidity in the air by having a combination humidifier and dehumidifier. Something that was much more important was that it contained a revolutionary air filtration system, with several HEPA air filters designed to keep the air cleaner compared to most surgical suites! This type of air filtration is just what my lungs need for me to remain in top running shape. Throughout the course of the year, I maintain my indoor air temperature from 78 to 80 degrees. In addition, my new smart thermostat really helps me maintain these specific temperatures.

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