I’m happy about getting this thermostat

My family and I are going on a break for a week very soon. I am deciding what I must do with my heating system. Lately the weather in my area has recently been sporadic. We will get several days of heat, where I turn off the furnace and enjoy the elements. Then after a few days the cold arrives. We will get snow, ice and temperatures which can be below twenty degrees. It is horrible living here and deciding how to manage the heating problem. Now that my family is going to be gone for a week, what should I do about the heating? I can program my furnace to a lower heating setting. It heats the household to around 50 degrees. This way the house will not rest inside the eighties while no one is in it. But it still heats enough in the event that we get a frost. The last thing I want is for the furnace to be off and have that cold hit. Then my piping and plumbing will likely be damaged. That would be a mess to return to. But I really don’t prefer to heat a house that has weather inside seventies. So even using the heater at a lower setting does not ideally help. What I really need is someone to house sit for me and monitor it. The see with your own eyes to decide if the heater must be on or off. I could additionally consider getting a smart thermostat. On my phone I can turn on and off the heater while I am on vacation which I love. Sadly neither of these options are sure to work. I am leaving within just a week and very uncertain.

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