I’m going to go home

My preteen daughter has become gone on her first holiday to a summer camp ever around her young life. I might never guessed my child is spoiled and pampered. She has called me daily about her cot being uncomfortable along with the food being undesirable. She misses your ex bed terribly, not her grandmother, but most of all, she misses the cool air conditioning within our home. We keep our thermostat turned less than most households. My husband hates to be hot and considers a greater electric bill just something need to be done when you live inside South. I knew there might possibly be no HVAC systems where your camp is, but I assumed they will have adequate ventilation and cooling fans arrange for comfort. Apparently, it’s simply not enough cooling for my spoiled girl. It really is our failing though. She has been raised in the home where the indoor temperature never reaches compared to 65 degrees, so sleeping lacking any air conditioner is pure torture for her. I called her camp consultant today, hoping they would convince her to live. The counselor understood the problem and allowed my daughter to hang out in the air conditioned office just the summer hours, while the sun is at it’s hottest. This was a temporary fix though, because the minute she was sent back with the heat of her camp log cabin, she started calling me again. I thought maybe my child would eventually acclimate with the temperatures outdoors, but I see marriage ceremony the case, and it looks like I’ll pick her up and take her home, in the air conditioning, of course!HVAC filter