I’m far too hot

My daughter asked me to get singing lessons recently. She has a beautiful voice, plus I thought it would a great distraction from bad kids, I asked several of my friends and did plenty of research and found who I thought will be a perfect teacher; a lovely young woman who lives nearby and teaches right in her own home. I set up her earliest appointment and decided to sit in to assure everything was legitimate. The lady’s home seemed too warm whenever we first walked in, but I assumed she had recently arrived home and the HVAC would kick in at any time. However, I never heard the hum of her air conditioning, but instead she brought in a fan from out of the back of the house and opened some windows in the kitchen. We live in a lower state known for its rigorous heat and since it was the middle of summertime, I didn’t think it was adequate cooling for my teenager. When I began questioning the young lady about why her air conditioning was not turned on, I noticed the blush of my own daughter’s face. I decided no matter what answer was, I would back off. Her teacher explained her air conditioning had broken down and she had just called the HVAC provider yesterday. She further explained an HVAC repairman ought to be arriving at any moment. I relaxed and watched her teach my daughter. It was extremely hot and humid for this purpose first lesson, but the HVAC van came along before we left, so I’m hoping her air conditioning will be cooling her home from now on.

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