I’m enjoying my lifestyle

When I got my full scholarship, I was thrilled.  I had been trying to figure out how I could afford to live in an apartment, and take care of all the bills.  I knew I could get a job, but then I was also afraid that my grades would begin to fail if I didn’t have enough time to study.  If my grades failed, I wouldn’t be able to continue working, and I would lose my apartment.  When the scholarship came through, all of those worries were put to rest.  I was now into my second year of school, and only had two more to go.  Things had been going really well, and the only problem I had been having was solved when I was allowed to put a mini refrigerator and a microwave in my room.  I was no longer hurrying to get to the cafeteria on their schedule.  Now the problem is the HVAC.  We have only one thermostat on every floor.  I go to an upscale school, and it boggles me that there isn’t zone control for every room, instead of every floor.  It’s odd how the people who manage the thermostat, never seems to know what the weather is.  If it is warm, we have heat.  If it is cold, the air conditioning is running.  Maybe it’s a conspiracy against the students.  Either way, I decided to go to my student advisor and see if there was anything we could do.  I explained the situation with the HVAC and the best she could do was to tell me to file a complaint in the registration office.  I wrote several letters about the HVAC, but I haven’t gotten an answer.  Maybe once I graduate, we’ll get some satisfaction.

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