I’m concerned over the building codes

When I was a whole lot younger, I was a young architect with very little knowledge about the existing building codes. Even though it’s nearly a decade-and-a-half later, I still have to look to the books to look up specific building codes. I often find myself looking up information when I apply for pyramids in addition to consult the manuals. There are specific building codes in each and every city, so everything has to be approved ahead of time. One particular thing that is in our state, is that you must provide plans for an HVAC system inside of your building, when you apply for a permit. Whether the system is central air conditioning or a heat pump and addition to cooling plan, there must be a cooling and heating plan set up along with the design plans for the building. Since I couldn’t imagine having to live anywhere that does not have a cooling in addition to heating system, I wouldn’t want to work anywhere that does not have an HVAC system either. I’m glad that the building plans have to include a plan for a HVAC system, so each of the buildings in our city have wonderful air quality conditions. When I was much younger, we had an appointment at the courthouse, in addition to I still remember how it was. There was nothing but a fan in the ceiling, and people could still smoke cigarettes in the room. Everything smelled of smoke, and it was like a cloud of ashes in the air. Thank goodness for a nice HVAC system these days.

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