I’m cleaning all of my air filters

My husband and I have a very irrational fear that our boiler will die on us. As soon as we moved into our current home, 19 years ago with no money, it came with a boiler system. We had more important things to buy other than a new furnace, so the two of us just made do with the immense, rusted plus aged furnace. Now, we enjoy our boiler system plus understand it. I don’t make our boiler work with a temperature control. The boiler heats the whole home when it wants to. In turn, the boiler system heats the water and is connected to our swimming pool. My husband and I use the boiler for the whole year and we enjoy it. We have the money to replace it now, we just choose not to. We want to use the money that we have to repair some other things. However, we’re worried that the boiler will stop working when we spend money on other things. Then, we’ll be without heat in our home or without a heated pool. The boiler is way too crucial now, and a pivotal aspect to our bi weekly routine. My husband and I can’t lose our boiler now. We assume that we should have a HVAC company over to perform an inspection plus at least wash the boiler. We haven’t done that yet. Instead, we simply pray plus hope that our boiler will remain faithful. So far all has been good.

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