I’m aware of the problems I’m having

I have a home in the south, where winter scarcely exists. The coldest it ever gets in the daytime is probably 60 degrees. We tend to experience these cool temperatures for a month or two, before the temperatures start escalating again. Recently, the temperature has been in the high eighties, so I assumed that our cooler days were over. Due to this, I spent all weekend tucking away all my sweaters together with all my warmer clothing into storage for next year’s cold. However, I wish I would’ve actually checked the forecast before doing this. Surprisingly, the cooler weather wasn’t finished. To make things worse, my furnace isn’t working like it ought to be. My thermostat says that it’s 68 degrees around my apartment, but it feels like  it’s 50! I called my local HVAC business and asked them to come examine it. However, they said they wouldn’t be able to come over for the next three days. I debated taking all my warm clothes out of storage again, but by the time I did this, the weather would probably be warm again. I really hope that my furnace is good. I know that I’ve neglected to deal with my HVAC system. My parent’s kept reminding me to have the system serviced before the winter time began, but I didn’t want to spend my own money on the idea. It was working perfectly well, so what was the point in paying someone to tell me that my HVAC system is fit? I also had the mindset that such a thing would never happen to me. Looks like I learned this lesson the hard way.HVAC installation