I’m a little too hot

It’s hot outside today. I am glad My work is indoors in the cold air conditioning. I’ve a really good HVAC system for my house and I really appreciate it on a day like today. I remember when I was a kid we didn’t have air conditioning in our house. We didn’t even have a window A/C device. All we had was a lot of fans, but all they really did was blow heat around. Our neighbors had a central heating and air conditioning system in their house and it was really excellent. We would go over to their house on a regular basis in the summer to enjoy television, and to enjoy the air conditioning, of course. When I grew up and bought my first house, that was the first time in my life that I had air conditioning in my home. It was really a novelty. Nowadays I’m sure so used to having cold air in my house in the summertime I just take it for granted. My kids grew up with air conditioning so they really don’t even know what it is like not to have a climate controlled home. I think they are a little spoiled by doing so. One time the air conditioning gave out in our home towards the end of summer and I desired to wait until spring to have it is fixed. However, my kids wouldn’t have that so they complained so much that I had to get the A/C fixed right away. I believe we all take HVAC for granted. I wish the younger people today had a better appreciation for the many modern comforts they have in these modern times.

heating and air conditioning