I’m a bit annoyed

My friends plus myself have to work in a factory that does not have any heat. The entire area is not cheerful, plus every one of us look forward to the end of our evening shifts. Most of us spend 12 hours at our jobs, plus it can be very difficult to get through the day. When the people I was with plus myself finish our day, most of us spend an exuberant amount of time getting our car ready to drive home. The winter storms can be the crummiest, especially when it takes almost an hour to commute back to our home. As soon as I turn on my car, the people I was with plus myself turn on our heating system. It helps to thaw out the truck, as well as loosens the ice from all of the windows. I have heated cushions in my car seats, which was easily one of the greatest Investments. When the people I was with plus myself neared our home, all of us found that we were without any type of power. That meant that are heating plus air conditioning system would not be working, and that would mean a very cold and chilly evening. The power had been out before when we had gotten home, plus this is a normal winter problem. The ice gets heavy and thick on all of the power lines, plus then they break in half or fall to the ground. It can take awhile for the problem to get fixed, so it is a good thing that we also have an additional fireplace to heat up our home appropriately

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