If you want to look good

When I first developed the super power charge workout routine, a lot of my colleagues seemed to think it was silly. They did not understand how a person could possibly lose weight by sitting completely still. Well, even when I explained it to people, most could not begin to wrap their heads around it. They all seemed to think you had to spend several hours of each day in the gym, just to have a savory appearance. I figured out the big secret though… sitting absolutely still. Of course, people wonder what the catch is. In truth, there really is none though. Perhaps the only thing really necessary, if you want to be successful at this great weight loss system, is a good HVAC system! You see, this kind of weight-loss routine is much less about the person, than their climate control at home. If you do the math just right, as outlined in my book, you can set your thermostat to literally burn away the pounds. It is all relative to your height and weight, but your heating and cooling system will make you lose weight without you having to lift a finger. Your HVAC system can do this for you, by extreme contrast settings. The idea is, that your heater is blasting one minute and suddenly, within seconds, it stops and the air conditioner takes over right after. This kind of manic indoor air quality and temperature shift will actually cause your metabolism to rise exponentially. So, climate control is really one of the best investments you can make… if you want to look good.

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