If only it was warmer in here

My friends and I experienced a terrible shift at work today. The HVAC system was out throughout most of the 12 hour shift, and none of us were happy about the conditions. Today was one of the worst winter storms we have had of the season, and it caused a lot of crummy problems in our workspace. By the time it was the end of the day, the HVAC system was still not working properly. My friends and I walked outside to start up the car and clean the ice from the windows. It was about 22 degrees outside, and everything was frozen solid. The two of us were happy to have the weekend off, but we still had an hour long drive back to the cape. My friend and I spent the next 20 minutes scraping all of the ice off of our window. We turned on the HVAC system in our car, so that it could be warm by the time we were ready to leave. The hour-long drive home was okay, because the heating system was working very well in our truck. By the time my friend and I arrived back to our apartment, we could tell that the power was no longer working. There were lights off everywhere, and we knew that would be due to the heavy storms. Cold air and Ice almost always leads to some sort of problem, and it had caused us to be without any power. We could not use the HVAC system in our home for the entire night, and the two of us did our best to keep from freezing solid.

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