I’d prefer a new heat pump

There are times I would like to go a few weeks without having to run the HVAC system in my home.  Where I live we change from the cold of winter to the heat of summer so fast it seems like someone throws a switch. When I purchased my house, it was only equipped with a furnace.  There was no cooling system, and trying to manage putting in the portable window units was unbearable. The heat and humidity created such an unpleasant situation that I couldn’t sleep at night.  I called up a local HVAC supplier and inquired about adding an air conditioner to my existing unit. Since the duct system was already in place, I figured the cost would be reasonable. The HVAC supplier, suggested  that I spend more on an electric heat pump.  I was suspicious that his suggestion was inspired by the opportunity for him to make a larger commission, however, after doing a considerable amount of research, I realized that the higher cost of a heat pump would eventually save money.  When the weather was warm,, the heat pump would function just like a central cooling system. As the weather cools in the fall, the heat pump would reverse direction and give off warm air.  This is a very energy efficient form of HVAC system and would end up saving me significantly on my monthly utility bills for much of the year. It eliminates the need to burn fossil fuel for much of the year so improves the environment too. The process is very safe, and requires no more maintenance than any other unit. The only downside is that it is only effective until the outside temperature drops below freezing.  At that point, the gas furnace would automatically take over. I am confident that this is the right choice for me and it may be for you as well. temperature control