I’d be happier with a good heater

In my apartment, which is in an awfully old building, there is no HVAC system to consult. As in, no air conditioning with the summers and even worse, no heating in the winter times . I moved into this apartment in January, thinking We could brave the cold. Boy, was I wrong. It was like sleeping inside of a freezer all night long. Without heat, no matter how many duvets I shield myself in, I’m always freezing cold. Even with the tiny space heater that i put in my room, it was still way too cold. I might wake up with a runny face and sore throat every morning. I also have a huge glass window leading out onto a nice patio around my room. While I do enjoy and love the summer, it is awful inside winter because the cold just comes throughout, and without any heat to help counteract it, it is only just totally brutal. I hope soon that can move into a new apartment, or move somewhere a bit warmer! One of my friends lives with the south and doesn’t have heat in her apartment because she simply doesn’t demand it. It never gets cold enough. I would love that! Although, she says it is impossible to live life without air conditioning there in the summertime. Maybe we just can never pleased what we have? Although, within the winter, I know that I’d be happier with not wanting any heat! Because not having it where I live is awful.

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