I would like to run an ice cream store

I started high school last fall. My friends are all a year or two older than me. I was the last one to enter the senior high wing this year. They were all ahead of me in getting their driver’s licenses and taking after school jobs. I asked my parents about getting a job.  They only agreed after they saw my report card. I began working at the pizzeria in October. I thought it would be really fun since a couple of my friends also worked there. The first day I was learning to work the dough and run the ovens.   I was so surprised to realize how hot it got in the kitchen area.  With the ovens running, I was sweating profusely.  I realized that there were supply vents for the air conditioner located in the seating area. The customers got to enjoy  the cool air from the air conditioner while us workers endured the heat from the ovens.  I would volunteer to wash down the tables and chairs whenever possible.  I wanted to feel the  air conditioner blasting through the vents for the customers. I asked why we didn’t have access to the air conditioning in the back work area.  Apparently this would have required a great deal of energy because the ovens  generate so much heat.  It  was more efficient to let us sweat.   Every shift, I was so incredibly overheated.  I was thankful for a couple of electric fans that were set up.  It was a little less awful in the winter, when the outside temperature dropped and it was snowing.  We certainly didn’t need to worry about running a heater in the work area.  The ovens provided all the heat we required and more.  

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