I worry a lot about the boiler

I have a totally irrational fear that my boiler is going to break on me one day. When I moved into my home I was 19, newly married and completely broke. The house came with a boiler system. I was too poor to buy a better heating system so I just made do with the huge, rusted and old heating system. I love my boiler system now and I understand it. I don’t make the boiler work to a thermostat. The boiler heats my home when it wants to. In turn the boiler system will heat my family’s water and I also hooked it to our swimming pool. I use the boiler all year long and I really love it. I have more money now and could afford to replace it. I just don’t want to. I want to use that money to perhaps make some other home repairs. But every time I spend a little money, I worry that the boiler will pick that day to break. I then won’t have the money to replace the boiler. Then I will be out a heating system for the home, a water heater and a pool heater. The boiler is now too crucial and a pivotal part of my daily routine. I can’t lose the boiler now. I know that I should have a heating business over the home to perform heater tune ups and at least clean the boiler. I don’t do that though. Instead I just pray and hope that the boiler is as durable as it looks. So far all has been good.

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