I want to service my heating and air

When my wife and I became homeowners, we were overwhelmed with the sum of things we needed to know. The first winter we had our home we neglected to check the propane level on our propane furnace tank and ran out of heat. After we ran out of propane for our furnace, we had to wait several days until the propane company was able to deliver propane to us, but also it was required to wait until an HVAC specialist could come to our home and check the gps furnace. After running out of propane the burner flame on our furnace went out and our entire unit required a safety inspection before the burner flame could be lit again. The complete process was frustrating, humiliating, and kept us in the cold for days. We have a fireplace that did a decent job heating our main living areas before the HVAC specialist came. When the HVAC specialist arrived our humiliation lessened when he informed my wife and me that a small part on our burner cracked and allowed propane to leak out. We were quite lucky our home didn’t catch on fire from the escaping propane. After the HVAC specialized re-lit our burner, he informed us to a maintenance program his HVAC business offers to clients. The maintenance program would send an HVAC specialist to the home twice each year so that they can inspect the HVAC system and ductwork to guarantee something like that does not happen again. Of course, included in the maintenance program is a discount on parts that ought to be repaired. My wife and I enrolled without hesitation and after this, we no longer worry in regards to broken HVAC causing problems in our home.

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