I want the deck to look nice

Each year, I try to avoid particular things when summer season comes around. My parents always ask me for my help around the apartment as much as I guess they need my help, I hate doing it. This year, I felt to guilty to say no, so I agreed to help my parents prepare their backyard for the summer season. My father asked me to help stain the pool deck and thought I would love being out in the sunshine all afternoon. Of course I love to get a tan, although I was not excited about covered in sweat and staining in the heat. They have an a/c that barely gets used as well as I was hoping this year they’d get it running before I provided my help. Sadly, starting up the a/c was not one of my parents’ top priorities this year. I was dreading the fact that I’d be staining the deck separate from the option to escape into a/c for a few minutes when it got too hot outside. Before, when I was living with them, I would make absolute sure they got the cooling system up as well as running before summer season began because I cannot sleep separate from it. Now that the kids have all moved out of the house, they have no motivation to get the cooling system up as well as running instantly. Hopefully I can convince my Mom to start up the a/c before I come over to stain because if not, it is going to be a long afternoon for all of us.

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