I want better temperature settings

Winters really are a desolate time for me, my parents worked together to surprise me this coming year by hiring the local HVAC providers to install a smart thermostat in my home. Best gift ever.

It’s just me in my houses, and my primary method of heating is oil, but I do have a good wood burning stove I use as it helps reduce expenses. But even with such your finely cooperative heating system I have installed in my home, it was an effort to stay warm. Mornings were particularly bitter, waking up at 5am in chilly two degree temperatures, waiting on the hot water for a quick shower. Starting your day cold is not a good idea. I would come home to a chilly house and raise the thermostat. As I waited on the house to warm up I might light a little fire just to take the the chill off. I once enjoyed the quaint look of wood stove but on particularly bad days I am resentful. Resentful for my furnace not keeping me warm, and resentful as the fire is no longer lovely but needed. I was exhausted after work and ou of patience, it was miserable time living a cold life. My family is so generous, the smart thermostat eliminates that struggle to stay hot. I can adjust my thermostat with my phone as I leave work allowing me to arrive at warm home. No more do I have to wait in the cold  for a shower, the smart thermostat gives me the freedom to adjust my home’s heating system to my schedule. So much is a fight in the cold winter months, with my smart heating system my quality of life has soared and I enjoy my independence once more.


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