I use blankets to heat up

I share a flat with my best friend, Samantha. We have been friends since during middle school, and we roomed together in college. She and I get along really well, and it’s a real money saver to split the rent along with utilities. The only area where we disagree is on the subject of the thermostat. Samantha is extremely worried about money, and has no problem sacrificing comfort in the interests of the budget. I don’t know your thoughts about cutting coupons, eating generic peanut butter, or reusing wrapping paper, but I at least have to set the thermostat to a decent temperature. In our location, a bitter winter temperature often drops well below zero so running the furnace is fundamental. Samantha turns off the furnace at every opportunity. When I come home from work or wake up at dawn, I can actually see my breath with the apartment. Even when we are home, she would rather bundle up in sweaters and blankets and shiver than crank the heat a bit. In the summer, she’d rather not run the air conditioning whatsoever. When it’s ninety degrees outside and the house and humid, our apartment is actually unbearable. Running a couple of lightweight fans does not compensate for no air conditioning. Because of our many arguments over the management of the heating and cooling equipment, we have finally found a fairly good compromise. We invested in the thermostat that gives us greater access to the HVAC components. We can more easily conserve energy when we’re away from the apartment or sleeping, and a thermostat offers us energy checking and energy saving tips.

energy saving tips