I try my best to keep up with heating maintenance

It seems kind of funny that I am so behind schedule on such simple things in life, but I cannot help it. I get so caught up in my work and social life that I completely forget to take care of the things in my house life; For 1, I can barely keep up with the housework and many chores. Also, I have a difficult time dealing with the constant change in temperatures, but my furnace will pop on and off throughout the season, but gets the most use during the Wintertime season, obviously! However, in the start of the mornings of fall and towards the end of summer, I have realized my furnace will turn on throughout the morning or middle of the evening. I am completely okay with paying to have my house heated and to keep the furnace running, but occasionally it takes me by surprise. My calendar regularly reminds me that I need to get my furnace tested by the HVAC company to ensure a reliable running season, but when I suppose it is already running, I completely forget to schedule an appointment, and usually, I find myself trying to disinfect the furnace in the middle of Wintertime to make up for all the time it has been running separate from being professionally worked on. I kick myself every year for letting the time slip away from me, but eventually I will learn my lesson. As long as my furnace is still running when I need it to be, I don’t mind taking the time to disinfect or tweak the oil furnace myself.

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