I think I’m wasting my money

Sometimes having a home can be painful, because of the constant repairs & upkeep that my partner & I had to do on this home. There have been moments after a long weekend of heavy yard cleaning or repairs that we think we have been beat up & all muscles in our body aches. It does seem worth it most of the time, but occasionally I wish we could just hire someone to do all the work. There is a second kind of pain with being a homeowner, & that is the pain that you get in your purse each time you get your utility bills. It is ridiculous to me how much they have increased over the past couple of years, we try to do as much as we can to get everything new. Every one of us make sure to have an annual repair done on a Heating & Air Conditioning plan so it is running as great as possible, & change the air filter on a routine basis. Even with all of our work it seems that our bills keep creeping up each month & so we agreed to have an energy assessment done on our home. When the assessment was finished, the professional informed us that a lot of our heat & air conditioning was leaking through the aging windows in our home. This was the 1 area that we had never truly thought of because when we first bought the house, about 20 years ago, the windows were new. I am thankful that we had this assessment completed & do recommend anyone contacting their Heating & Air Conditioning business to do this too.

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