I think I may need to repair my heater

My half brother Thomas has always wanted to try a survival mission. It was a must to hike up in the mountains and camp there for an entire week. I knew that was awful. I like having easy water, a toilet, HVAC system and additionally a soft bed. But Thomas’ desperation  to do it took over and begged me to do it with him. So I hiked up with the mountains with all my gear and his. I even chose not to pack too much. I did not want to struggle with sixty pounds of gear. In order to do so, I only took the essentials. My food, water and bedding for the trip were pretty much it. Quickly I realized that I forgot one dire need. I never occurred to me to bring a version of a heating system. Thomas and I struggled to create a fire. It took us many days of failing to at long last  get fire. Those three days without any fire or furnace was painful. We both literally froze our butts off during the evening time. Even when we got fire to go we were cold. Thomas said that there are portable heating systems that some individuals take camping. We spent the majority of our survival mission bitching the way you would wanting a lightweight heating system. Would it be cheating to have a space heater on a mission like this? Thomas and I got to the moment where we did not care if it would count. We both agree that if we ever make it happen again we are bringing tents, warmer clothes and multiple heaters. Freezing along the mountains was just ridiculous. I never can do that again.home comfort