I shouldn’t be doing this

My good friend Maxwell plus I are trying glamping on our trip for the first time. A week from now Maxwell plus I will be relaxing in a tent in a whole modern temperature that is known for being frigid. The area the two of us are glamping in is known to be certainly frigid. So that is why Maxwell plus I are not doing the regular old camping plus pitching our own tent; Glamping is a tent based thing but it differs in that glampers have heating. Have you ever seen the fourth Harry Potter when he attends the wizard quidditch world cup? Harry plus Ron stay in this sweet tent with beds, couches plus blankets. My good friend and I are basically getting that, only on a less grand scale. Every one of us really will have a bed in the tent. There is a little chair in the tent plus tons of blankets to wrap up in. The tent has many gas furnaces to keep us warm too. The campsite using generators to hook up electric gas furnaces. So Maxwell and I will be camping, but the two of us will be doing it the cheater’s way. I am not minding the thought of glamping. I am not a fan of camping plus sleeping in a sleeping bag. The reason for this is because the ground is hard plus I get frigid. It sounds as if the bed will be super comfy plus awesome. Also having many gas furnaces in the campground has to make it at least moderately warm enough so I can be happy. With the way our luck goes, the electric gas furnaces won’t operate right plus the two of us will  still freeze our butts off the whole time.heating unit