I should work on my heater

When I first bought and moved into my house, the forced air oil furnace was already quite old.  Because the home is rather large, it requires a powerful heating system and uses a great deal of energy.  I live in the northeast, and the winter weather is a challenge.  The oil furnace operates for a minimum of several months out of the year, and experiences excessive wear and tear.  Although I knew that I should replace the old oil furnace, I simply could not afford it.  The home had been neglected for quite some time, and a whole bunch of pricey renovations took precedence over the furnace. I also wanted to take energy saving measures to reduce heat loss.  By lessening demand, I hoped to spend much less on a smaller oil furnace.  It took me nearly several years to finally save up and purchase a current furnace.  With the old oil furnace, I was distraught about the health of the indoor air quality.  I could see dust floating around in the air, and assumed there were mold spores and other harmful contaminants, as well.  I often got headaches and started sneezing whenever the oil furnace started it.  The oil furnace seemed to run all of the time, and took forever to reach a comfortable temperature.  Also, my biweekly heating bills were painfully high. I should have spent the cash on a current oil furnace much sooner.  Once the current oil furnace was installed and operational, I was amazed by the improvements.  Not only is the home more comfortable, but it stays cleaner, smells better, and feels healthier. My biweekly utility bill is significantly lower as well.

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