I really wish I had an air conditioner

I’ve never owned an air conditioning system before. A lot of people see this totally bizarre, but I actually live up north. Our climate fails to escalate much. We have about two months out from the year that climb to around 70-80 degrees. So A/C is simply not a big priority. Who would want to purchase central air conditioning for only 8 weeks? We really focus on total home heating here. I have always lived with several heaters in my home. Currently I’ve retained three heating systems. I possess a gas heater in the kitchen that automatically turns on when kitchen gets to be way cold. I then have a gas fireplace inside the den. The fireplace requires an electric start, but runs thoroughly on gas. Then the upstairs comes with a rickety old heater system connected for only the chimney. The heater is unbelievably old and small. It is absolutely nice to have however in the event that the power goes out. We lose both our downstairs heating systems simply needing electricity to turn on. The upstairs heater is then all we now have. I have three heating systems, and not one air conditioner. I get through the use of window fans and standing ones. I only need them for those couple of months, and they work just fine. My sister is looking for me to at least look into window A/C unit. But I kind of like that my crazy thing is I don’t use air conditioning. It makes me unique and intelligent since it happens to be not a necessary utility.

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