I really enjoy zone control

My husband has been a musician for many years and is additionally an avid collector of vintage instruments. He has travelled all around the globe with his bandmates, and frequents returns home with rare instruments he purchases at every opportunity. His very collection includes one-of-a-kind classical instruments, as well as acoustic, electric, and bass instruments. He even has several banjos, mandolins, and violins. These instruments are invaluable and we’ve devoted ourselves to to providing the care to sustain their condition. It is imperative that the instruments are not subjected to severe temperature fluctuations. Based on the preservation of these instruments, we upgraded the HVAC system in our home. It now includes variable speed technology, a smart thermostat, as well as zone control. The variable speed technology assists the furnace and air conditioner by automatically adjusting speed to maintain more even temperatures. It does this without increasing our energy costs. We cannot have blasts of hot or cold air on the instruments, so we keep it going longer at lower speeds. The zone control lets us maintain perfect conditions in the music room without impacting the whole house. Rather than paying to heat or cool totally empty rooms during the year, we save energy costs by targeting specific rooms. Our smart thermostat technology gives us total control over all aspects of the indoor environment, including the humidifier and dehumidifier. Moisture levels in the music room must be very strictly maintained. Excess humidity can warp that priceless wood, and even lead to mold growth. If it’s too dry, that can lead to the wood drying or cracking. The dehumidifier and humidifier provide ideal moisture levels through the entire house, which greatly improves comfort, the indoor air quality level and it cuts energy costs.

zone control