I never wanted to be outside

It has been my dream to own some sort of greenhouse. Ever since I managed to graduate with my master’s degree within botany, I have wanted to own a greenhouse with the largest variety of plants that I can get my hands on. The house that I live in has a very good sized backyard, and I had no trouble hiring a contractor to make the greenhouse. The hard part was figuring out how to control the temperature within it. Our area has a hot, dry climate. I’m surprised I can even keep the grass growing, let alone exotic plants. I decided to visit my local HVAC company and then judge if they had anything to offer. I told them I needed an AC unit that would circulate cool air throughout, and that wouldn’t cost me an income to run. The HVAC technician that I spoke to showed me this new merchandise they had recently acquired. He said it was called a ductless air conditioning system. When he showed me how small this unit was, I laughed at him. I know, how rude of me right? But I could not believe that something so incredibly small, and surprisingly affordable, was going to give me the outcome that I needed. I decided to give it a try, and within a week, I was able to have this system installed. I noticed a difference right away. The greenhouse stays at a perfect 80 degrees. The misters that I installed keep the environment nice and moist, and the few plants that I moved away from inside my home are flourishing. I am so proud of my ductless air conditioning unit! Now I am able to start filling the greenhouse with all kinds of plants. Time to visit Costa Rica!

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