I need to tune-up this air conditioner

My bestie Jack and I moved way down south. We always dreamed of getting away from the frosted cold months in the north and savor the heat down south. I was tired of using my furnace nearly all year. Jack was beyond tired of being cold.Together, we chose to work jobs entirely online, so we could move and have it not become a huge problem. When we first arrived down south we decided to choose an apartment right next to the beach. The rent was pretty cheap because the place had no HVAC there. The landlord shared with us upfront that was the explanation for the low rate. Jack and I both were on the same page that heating and cooling were totally overrated. We are northern folk and can handle a little frost. The winter temps in the south did not worry us too much. A space heater wasn’t even a must. The southerners did not understand what real cold meant. What really surprised Jack and I though was the summer. We did not expect the heat and climate we were experiencing. We were burned that we would have to buy our first air conditioning system. Both of folks had never owned an A/C product. We did not know even ways to do basic cooling service. We both decided to start small by means of each getting window cooling versions. It makes our place tolerable, but Jack and I agree that eventually we have to get central air conditioning for our place. How exciting to become too hot. We have never had to deal with this issue before.

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