I need to do more work on my home

Each year, I try to avoid particular things when Summer comes around. My parents constantly ask me for my help around the house and as much as I know they need my help, I do not like doing it. This year, I felt too guilty to say no, so I agreed to help my parents prepare their backyard for the Summer season. My father asked me to help stain the pool deck and thought I wouldn’t care about being out in the sunshine all day. Of course I love to get a tan, even though I was not happy about being covered in sweat and staining in the heat. They have an air conditioning unit that barely gets used and I was hoping this year they’d get it running before I offered my help. Sadly, starting up the air conditioning was not a one of my parents’ top priorities this year. I was dreading the fact that I’d be staining the deck without the option to escape into air conditioning for a few minutes when it got too hot outside. Before, when I was living with them , I would make absolute sure they got the cooling system up and running before Summer began because I cannot sleep without it. Now that the everyone has moved out of the house, they have no motivation to get the cooling system up and running right away. Hopefully I can convince my dad to start up the air conditioning before I come over to stain because if not, it is going to be a long day for all of us.

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