I need a new furnace

One of my favorite times of year would have to be spring break. It seems to come at the optimal time every year. Three calendar months after Christmas, and three months before summer could be the perfect time for a pleasant little getaway. Last year was pretty tough though. Last year my heating and cooling system ended up needing massive repairs. It was quite irritating, to say the least. It started off on the monday after the vacation period began. I noticed that the air quality in my house was getting way too hot. I had tried to modify the thermostat, but it seemed that no matter what I did, it didn’t make one little difference. The heating and cooling system seemed to experience a mind of its own! My own furnace and air conditioner were starting to get pretty old, so maybe it was subsequently time to replace them. I called an HVAC technician to head over and inspect my heating and cooling system. He informed me that I did in fact need an entirely new furnace and air conditioner. The ductwork ended up being salvageable, it just needed a very good cleaning. I sadly decided to go forward with the new central heater and air conditioner. It was sad since it was very expensive. Air quality is really important to me however, so I had given myself no choice but to apply it. The HVAC technician had everything installed within a couple of days. The HVAC technician was rather professional, and did a fantastic job installing my new heating and cooling system. I may never forget that spring vacation though, that’s for sure.

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