I made this a priority

I recently took a job with a local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C company.  Although I knew barely anything about the heating and cooling industry, I was hired to answer the phones, schedule appointments, and handle paperwork.  After doing the job for almost a year, I was surprised that the majority of the company was dedicated to repairs.  During the peak of summer, there are non-stop calls because of malfunctioning air conditioners.  When the temperature drops below zero in the winter, we get bombarded because of concerns with furnaces and boilers.  These are the times of year when the heating and cooling equipment is taking care of the heaviest workload and laboring the hardest.  It’s also the absolute worst time for a breakdown.  After discussing this with our team of workers, I’ve come to find that the cause is respectfully from a lack of maintenance.  Few people realize the importance of having their heating and cooling systems tested every year.  Taking proactive measures catches minor issues before they graduate into complete failure of the systems.  Whether the heating and cooling equipment is running or sitting idle, dust and other contaminants manage to penetrate and accumulate within the inner parts.  The buildup blocks airflow, causes frictions, and leads to greater strain on components overall.  The consequences include higher energy bills, diminished comfort, elevated sound levels, and potential need of repairs.  Plus, without professional repair every single year, the manufacturer’s warranty is voided and the cost of parts is no longer covered.  Since taking the job with the heating and cooling company, I’ve made seasonal service of my own gas furnace and air conditioner a priority.  I’ve enrolled in a repair plan that includes more than one inspection per year.   

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