I love this winter weather

After we purchased our new home, we knew of the fact that the HVAC system was old and needed to be replaced soon. The sellers told us they had been having problems with it in the past winter. We knew that this problem would have to be addressed sooner rather than later. The initial winter season showed us that we had severe problems with our heating system. No matter what setting the thermostat was set to, the house always seemed to remain the same cool temperature. That wasn’t awful, but we knew that it needed to be replaced before the next wintertime. During the first full summer inside of the new home, we had to replace all the back half of the fence, get a new pool liner, and install a new heating system. Thankfully my husband has an amazing job, because all of those repairs were not cheap. The innovative heating system was costly, but we also added a few upgrades. We scrapped the old dial thermostat, with a state of the art smart thermostat. We also got a year’s supply of air filters for free with our purchase of a new heating system. We were happy with how quickly the house heated up.During the first few days of the next winter season, we started up the new heating system. We were happy with how quickly our house was nice and warm. Upgrading our heating system also helped us to save money on our energy expenditures, as they were much lower with the new heating system.

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