I love this indoor air quality

I run several condo buildings. I am not really the proprietor, but I am the building supervisor! So, I take over the greater projects such as overseeing modern paint jobs, repairs and most especially HVAC upkeep. A lot of people just don’t realize the toil that goes into keeping a whole building’s heating and cooling system running efficiently, and these older buildings entirely need to watched, for they overuse the HVAC at times. This is because their walls are thinner with more cracks in the foundation. I recently picked up a modern building on our stretch of block where I manage for a personal investor. It was a friend of a friend who asked if I could take on the job. I didn’t think it would add too much work to my day, as it was on the same block as our other buildings. I had our HVAC team of specialists in the the buildings doing the fall repair cleaning of air vents, changing out filters and checking the HVAC ducts. If all the HVAC systems ran efficiently in high season, I would acquire a bonus. That is since the lower utility costs saved the owner. When they got to our modern building it was a complete disaster. Apparently, the last lady to run the building tried to skimp in so many various ways with terrible air filters and terrible ductwork. When they looked at the system itself, they noticed an absurd assortment of parts and pieces that didn’t match the HVAC system. Someone tried to take an easy way out and ended up entirely messing up the system. It was going to take a lot of cash and time to repair the HVAC in this building.

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