I love this heating system

While I live in the northern area of the country, I am very aware of the consequences of insufficient moisture. I am forced to use my furnace from early October until early April, and it causes many problems with indoor air quality. With the high cost of heating, I must have my house sealed tight to prevent energy waste at all times. By not allowing much of the heated air to escape, contaminants are trapped in the home. With the furnace running on high speeds for weeks at a stretch, the heated air ducts become a sponge, soaking up all with the moisture. Overly dry air feels cold, which results in higher thermostat adjustments and much higher energy bills. Dry air also causes my mouth to chap, my hair to get frizzy, and dry nasal passages. It makes people more chafes from abrasions, and can result inside sore throat, itchy eyes, and persistent headaches. To combat the effects for the furnace, I’ve needed to possess a whole-home humidifier installed. The humidifier is incorporated straight into the air handler of the previous HVAC system, and it operates silently. I chose a steam-style humidifier, because it can be a very natural means of introducing moisture into the home. The unit relies on electrodes to turn water into steam, which gently humidifies the environment. The humidifier regulates relative humidity with the ideal range, making my entire home feel much warmer and easier. I believe the savings with my heating bills has recovered the investment on the humidifier, thankfully. When winter is finally over plus the weather warms up, I am excited to available the windows and let in some fresh air. I am able to shut down the humidifier and furnace only a few months. My local weather never gets hot enough to warrant an air conditioner, so I can avoid extremely high energy bills for most of the time.

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