I like heated flooring

Our garage never was anything special. I used to have and old car taking up a lot of the space. Our floor ended up being uneven and dirty. There were lots of holes in the garage which let in air, debris together with snow. When we would get in our cars in the winter season, they would be cold and have frozen windshields. Last month my husband and I decided to redo the garage.  We sold the car and cleaned out the space. We gutted it and redone everything to make it airtight. When it was airtight we knew that we could afford to install a heater system. All the air the  heating system produced would disappear out of the garage. Now that it is airtight, we will not waste anymore energy. My husband and myself are looking at different types of heating systems. A furnace or boiler system will not work in the garage. We want something that doesn’t take up much space, but has a lot of power. The cheaper option is to get a space heater in the garage to warm it up. We decided to run the space heater only if it gets real cold out. We are leaning towards heated floors. The radiant heater will warm-up the floors and warm our cars. They will not be icy cold and have frosted windshields. The radiant flooring are easy to install. It truly is fast, simple and energy efficient. This a sizeable investment.

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